What is Support Raja Ampat?

Support Raja Ampat is a not for profit initiative founded in 2018 by a group of private individuals with the common aim to support people of Raja Ampat in their pursue for sustainability. The association initiates projects that support transition to renewable energy sources and tackle waste and recycling problems in Raja Ampat. Support Raja Ampat is a nonprofit organization. We have no industry affiliations and rely exclusively on donations, grants and sponsorships to support our work.

Our Vision: Clean, fossil fuel free and sustainable Raja Ampat.

Our Mission: Support local communities of Raja Ampat on their journey to sustainability through targeted projects.

Our Work Principles.

Sustainability: Each project is designed around sustainability, we want to bring improvements to people’s lives in a sustainable and lasting manner, at the same time not to harm the aboriginal way of living.

Knowledge Transfer: Local people are at the center of this journey, that’s why education and training is a curtail element in each project.

Scalability: We can only make an impact with scalable and affordable solutions that are driven forward by local communities.

Why are we in it? The big picture.

  • We want to support our planet reaching 450 ppm scenario of CO2 in the atmosphere by 2100.
  • Emissions from use of fossil fuels and waste are among the biggest contributors to growing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • There is a clear need for rapid transition to energy produced from renewable sources.
  • Growing tourism in Raja Ampat inevitably will result in increase of energy demand. We have a chance to influence what will be the source of that energy.
  • Help communities to grow their business in a sustainable way, to differentiate and to develop.
  • Create business opportunities, empower community and businesses to discover a new way to live, work and travel.
  • Help to preserve purity, bio diversity and stunning beauty of Raja Ampat.

Meet the People Behind

Articles of Association

Please find below the current binding German version of the Articles of Association Support Raja Ampat.

Download: Statuten Verein SupportRA-20180318